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Undersea revolution: ‘Snake robot’ will fix pipelines on the ocean floor

Now, cutting-edge underwater drones and robots are being developed that could make the work safer, cheaper and less polluting. Among them is Eelume, a six-meter-long,...

One of Apple’s more controversial tech features may be going away...

While the MacBook Pro design hasn't changed significantly in five years, Apple will eliminate its digital Touch Bar, according to a January memo from...


Brexit: Red-tape throws Scottish fishermen in crisis

Many of them drove several hours from Scotland, where the fishing industry is in crisis because paperwork issues and administrative errors related to new...

Are stimulus checks really the way to fix the economy?

"Six hundred dollars is simply not enough if you still have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table," Biden said...

Microsoft wades into Facebook news fight by siding with European publishers

The company said Monday that it would team up with media industry groups like the European Publishers Council to lobby for such a policy,...




America’s Cup: Patriot ‘flying yacht’ capsizes in gusty conditions

The team's AC75 "flying" yacht was damaged in the incident during the Prada Cup race and began taking on water, with American Magic receiving...

Manchester United’s Anthony Martial racially abused on social media after draw

After Sunday's game, racist symbols were left in the comments section of Martial's latest Instagram post from October 19. Facebook, which owns Instagram, told CNN...

Tokyo Olympics: Athletes will not need vaccine to participate

It comes as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) published its first version of the Tokyo 2020 "Playbook" which outlines the rules and safety regulations...

Arsenal defeated by Southampton and knocked out of FA Cup

After a poor start to the season, the Gunners appeared to have turned a corner ahead of Saturday's game, having gone six matches without...